The Other Eight by Joseph R. Lallo

The Other Eight

By Joseph R. Lallo

  • Release Date: 2014-04-01
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
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Superpowers have turned out to be a disappointment. Heat vision? Super strength? Flight? They are nowhere to be found. Instead, powers like photosynthesis or the ability to spontaneously change hair color seem to be the best the world can offer. To make matters worse, the gifted individuals tend to suffer from psychological issues. Nonetheless, in hopes of finding enough functional meta-humans to form a squad, in 1965 the US military created The Guardian Project. The head of the Army's current incarnation of the project hires Dr. Adam Aiken, a psychologist specializing in the meta-human condition, to filter out the most dangerously unbalanced of the prospective super-soldiers. The screening process is to be done with all possible secrecy. This proves to be more easily said than done. A misfiring superpower leaks news of the recruitment effort to the public, attracting a flood of misfit meta-humans from around the nation, each hungry for heroic validation. A sleazy PR officer knows publicity when he sees it and converts the secret program into a nationally broadcast competition with all of the dignity and grace of a reality show. The ultimate prize is a coveted spot on a government sanctioned super team.

The Other Eight follows the exploits of the applicants deemed sane enough for consideration. On one side are earnest but underpowered heroes like the twitch-inducing Nonsensica or the fluorescent tube-hurling Phosphor. On the other are the better equipped but less dedicated recruits like walking good luck charm Johnny on The Spot and seed-spitting loose cannon The Hocker. Who will win a place on the team, and what will be done about the jilted heroes who didn't make the cut?


  • A worthwhile read :)

    By Lesighs
    Like many self-published books this one has the occasional spelling mistake and grammatical error, but due to Joseph's natural ability to keep the reader engaged - those errors seem to fade into the background. Departing drastically from his previous series (both The Book of Deacon and Bypass Gemini) The Other Eight is nonetheless definitely worth the $2.99 price tag. This quirky story is an ingenious idea about a bunch of misfit 'super heroes' thrown into an impromptu reality show due to a potential 'hero' spilling the beans on a secret miltary operation. The novel casts these misfits together on their reality journey where unlikely friendships form and these heroes band together. A classic good vs evil battle with quintessential twists and turns. This novel is indeed humourous and while maybe not everyone's cup of tea, it kept me entertained and turning the page. I would definitely recommend it. Please take a chance and experience the world of Joseph Lallo's writing!